Passed the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification for the fifth time in a row.

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Passed the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification for the fifth time in a row.


The science and technology plan projects undertaken by Yangzhong City and Zhenjiang City have passed the inspection and acceptance of the science and technology authorities.


Developed industry-university-research cooperation with South China University of Technology, and established the "Low-Pulp Ozone Bleaching Engineering Technology R&D Center" in South China University of Technology.


Undertook the implementation of the Yangzhong Science and Technology Support Project "R&D of key technologies for ozone bleaching intelligent devices for low-consistency pulp".


Undertook the implementation of the Zhenjiang International Cooperation Project "Large High Frequency Ozone Generator".


Undertook the implementation of the Yangzhong Science and Technology Innovation Project "High Frequency and High Efficiency Glass Tube Large Ozone Generator".

September 2013

General Manager Le Fei visited Japan Sumitomo Koner Ozone Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Youneng Group, and Yangzhong Venture Capital Co., Ltd. held a grand cooperation signing ceremony.

May 2013

Supervised by Sumitomo Precision (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the air source 2kg ozone generator equipment manufactured by Koner Ozone Co., Ltd. is used in the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment of Shanghai Inno Co., Ltd. The zero-fault operation of the equipment has been highly praised by customers: its performance indicators and stable operation The performance is better than domestic brand ozone generators; in July, Sumitomo Precision (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. supervised the production of 2 sets of 15kg oxygen sources produced by Koner Ozone for use in the Chengdu Longquan Luodai landfill leachate treatment project, and 16 of them have been running without failure. In September, he was praised by senior officials and owners of Sumitomo in Japan.

April 2013

General Manager Le Fei visited Japan's Sumitomo Precision Industry Co., Ltd. to learn Japan's advanced ozone technology and production management.


Cooperated with Sumitomo Precision Industry Co., Ltd., a Fortune 500 company in Japan, on "deepening and expanding the manufacturing and application technology of large-scale ozone generators", and cooperation results have been achieved.


Koner successfully passed the acceptance of the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Management System Standard and became an ozone enterprise that passed the provincial-level intellectual property management system certification earlier in China.


It was recognized by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance as the "Full Intelligent Large-scale High Frequency Ozone Generator Engineering Technology Research Center"; the Jiangsu Province patent implementation project "Online Monitoring Secondary Water Supply Ozone Purification System" received provincial special funding.


The international technical cooperation with the Russian Aeronautics and Space Administration on large-scale ozone generators has been funded by the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department. It has passed the high-tech enterprise certification organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation.


The large-scale high-frequency ozone generator successfully developed independently (ozone output 20kg/h), the main technical performance indicators have reached the industry standard; the Koner brand ozone generator was awarded the "Famous Brand Product of Jiangsu Province".


Respectively won the "Top Ten Technological Innovation Enterprises" medal and the "Labor Security AAA Credit Enterprise" medal issued by Yangzhong Municipal Government.


The delegation went to the Russian Aerospace Agency to negotiate on the Sino-Russian cooperation in the development of large-scale ozone generators; in November, senior Russian officials and ozone experts visited our company and signed a letter of intent for cooperation, business plan and other documents.

October 2004

Undertake the provincial science and technology project "online prosecution and control of large-scale secondary water supply ozone purification system".

July 2004

The company name was changed to: Jiangsu Koner Ozone Co., Ltd.


Recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province.


In cooperation with famous domestic ozone experts and many professors from Tsinghua University, the "Kanger Ozone Beijing Research and Development Center" was established in Zhongguancun.


Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office awarded the title of “Provincial-level Key Intellectual Property Protection Unit”.

September 2000

The corporate scientific research institution "Koner Ozone Technology Application Research Institute" was grandly inaugurated.

March 2000

The company name was changed to: Zhenjiang Koner Ozone Co., Ltd.


Established Yangzhong Koner Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Founded Yangzhong Light Source Instrument Factory.