Application of ozone in the treatment of aquaculture water

Ozone treatment of aquaculture water is extremely beneficial to the growth of fish, shrimp and crabs, and the economic benefits are also very obvious. Since the aquaculture water is rich in organic matter, the water quality is prone to problems, and the spread of bacteria, viruses and bacteria to fish and shrimps is also rampant.

In the treatment of aquaculture water, ozone can degrade organic matter, reduce chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), in addition to sterilizing and inhibiting the infection and transmission of viral bacteria to fish and shrimp, and because of Its coagulation-assisting effect is a good measure for improving water quality. In recent years, water quality has been seriously polluted. It is not uncommon for polluted water to cause diseases and large numbers of deaths to fish. Ozone can degrade harmful substances such as NH3, SO2 and red tide toxins. This shows that the promotion of ozone technology in the aquaculture industry is very necessary.

It has been reported that using ozone to treat aquaculture water can increase the production of fish in fish ponds by more than 30%, and increase the production of shrimp in prawn ponds by more than 60%. Comparative experiments on fish, shrimp, and crab fry can increase the survival rate by 90%. Many, the breeding water uses ozone. Generally, for the virus and bacteria water that has caused harm, the ozone injection concentration can kill all the bacteria in the water when the concentration is 0.5-1.2mg/L. If used as a preventive use, 0.5-0.7mg/L is sufficient.

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