The working principle of the ozone generator and the effect of the application field

In the market, the working principles and processes of ozone generators have their own characteristics. According to different research and development technologies, the effects and purification principles are very different. Ozone is one of the strongest oxidants available. It can not only oxidize and denature the protein shells of bacteria, fungi and other bacteria, but also kill the reproduction of bacteria. The killing rate of ozone is as high as 99%, and the production speed is fast and efficient, so it is widely used in some equipment.

After a long period of research and development, technical personnel have developed an ozone generator, which is dedicated to the treatment and purification of water quality. Since its launch, after different stages of optimization and upgrades, repeated experiments, the working principle of the ozone generator has been improved to the extreme, and remarkable results have been achieved in the refining and treatment of sewage.

The working principle of the ozone generator:

The combination of ozone generator technology and other sewage treatment processes can effectively remove stubborn pollutants in sewage, degrade COD and BOD, and reduce the difficulty of sewage treatment.

The advantages of ozone generator:

1. Integrated stainless steel design, integrated control, production, and circuit modules; 2. Using water-cooled and air-cooled dual cooling technology, working hours are guaranteed; 3. Using wide-voltage and high-frequency technology, low energy consumption; 4. Ozone The concentration can be adjusted and the supply is targeted.

Application fields of ozone generator:

Ozone generators are widely used in drinking water and sewage treatment in daily life, various food processing industries, medical and chemical equipment, swimming pools, etc. It can be described as a water purification product closely related to people's lives.

The working principle of a perfect ozone generator has been continuously upgraded and maintained to make a more accurate effect for the treatment of black and odorous water.

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