The ozone generator uses advanced oxygen production technology to increase the amount of ozone generated

Ozone is made with oxygen as raw material and an ozone generator. The purity of oxygen is directly related to the amount of ozone generated and the purity of ozone.

Domestic research institutions and enterprises cooperated with dual-core ozone sterilization technology to develop a high-performance dual-core ozone generator. Adopt advanced oxygen production technology to obtain high-purity oxygen, and then increase the amount of ozone generated.

It is understood that this high-performance dual-core ozone generator can separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air under normal temperature and pressure through the pressure swing adsorption effect of the oxygen tower to produce high-purity oxygen with a purity of up to 90%. After that, the oxygen is passed into the ozone generator, and the corona discharge method is used to produce ozone. After this ozone gas is mixed with water, it becomes ozone water, which also has many functions such as sterilization and disinfection.

Ozone and ozone water have many important functions, which are briefly summarized as follows——

1. It can sterilize and keep fresh mineral water, purified water, medical water, and tap water.

2. Direct contact with edible agricultural products or food, sterilization, disinfection, degradation of pesticide residues in these foods or food raw materials.

3. Sterilize the water used for breeding aquatic products to prevent and treat diseases of aquatic products.

4. Sterilize the water in the swimming pool.

5. Sterilize and decolorize sewage.

6. The air disinfection and ozone disinfection machine in the production workshop of food, medicine, cosmetics and other health products can effectively improve the hygiene quality of the food workshop and improve the quality of food safety.

7. Air disinfection in homes, offices, and public places.

8. It can sterilize the production equipment of industrial products.

9. Car disinfection.

10. Refrigerator disinfection.

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