Ozone generator can effectively remove formaldehyde in indoor and outdoor air

Several common measures to eliminate indoor formaldehyde:

1. Using a large humidifier, the mist can dissolve part of the formaldehyde. Open windows for ventilation, indoor formaldehyde can diffuse to the outdoors with the air. If it is simple to remove formaldehyde, you can refer to the same method and open the doors and windows, which will help the diffusion of formaldehyde.

2. Place leafy plants with a lot of green leaves. The pores of the green leaves can absorb part of the formaldehyde. Place the freshly peeled grapefruit peel. There is a sponge-like substance in the grapefruit peel, which can absorb formaldehyde. Activated carbon can also be used, which can absorb formaldehyde.

3. The method of removing formaldehyde can also use sliced ​​onions to remove formaldehyde. Or buy a lot of cacti to go home, and it is best to open the windows for more ventilation.

Misunderstandings in the process of formaldehyde treatment:

Misunderstanding 1: Formaldehyde remover is characterized by quick effects and can be quickly and easily treated in a short time, but its action period is generally about 1 to 10 days. This is also the reason why some pollution control companies on the market dare to say "no charge if the standard is not met". But the formaldehyde remover can only simply neutralize the formaldehyde free in formaldehyde and its superficial layer. When the formaldehyde inside the formaldehyde-containing board is slowly released, it will inevitably form a rebound in the amount of indoor formaldehyde.

Misunderstanding 2: Frequently opening windows for ventilation, opening windows for ventilation is a simple environmental protection measure, and it has a little improvement effect on the air pollution of formaldehyde. But it needs to be noted that the ventilation environment must be able to achieve continuous convection of indoor air. In addition, because formaldehyde will still be gradually released from the board, it is by no means a few months of opening windows for ventilation can completely solve the formaldehyde problem. During its intensive dissemination period, the window needs to be kept open for ventilation.

The ozone generator can effectively remove indoor formaldehyde:

Ozone generator The ozone generator has the functions of sterilization and disinfection, but it has an effect on the human respiratory tract is also a medical conclusion. Therefore, the use of ozone disinfection to remove formaldehyde should be carried out in an environment that does not touch the human body, such as new house decoration. At this time, the amount of indoor formaldehyde is the largest. Ozone can effectively enter the interior of boards, paints, etc., so after ozone removes formaldehyde, it can basically be completely removed without rebound. After living in, use the ozone machine to clean for another 3 hours a week. When the ozone machine is working, there should be no people in the room. After about 3 hours, the reaction between ozone and air can be completed and turned into oxygen, which will not have any impact on people and things. Therefore, the ozone machine is still a relatively effective formaldehyde removal machine, as long as no one is indoors during work, it will not affect people.

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