Influencing factors of ozone generator on the sterilization effect of ozone in water

Ozone has been widely used in water treatment. Whether it is sewage treatment, wastewater treatment, or purification and sterilization, it is relatively mature. This article introduces the application of ozone in purification and sterilization. Ozone is an unstable gas obtained by the ionization effect of high ionization potential on oxygen. It has high killing rate and fast speed to viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. It can completely remove organic compounds and other pollutants without causing residual pollution. Cause secondary pollution.

First, the sterilization effect of ozone

Ozone dissolves in water to form ozone water, which can be used to soak and clean pipelines, production equipment and containers in the pharmaceutical industry and food processing industry, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization.

Benefits: Use high-concentration ozone water for soaking and washing. First, bacteria and viruses on the surface of pipelines, equipment and containers are removed by a large amount of washing; second, bacteria and viruses remaining on the surface that have not been washed away Killed by ozone, it is easy to use, and will not produce dead corners in pharmaceutical production and food processing, and avoid environmental problems such as the discharge of chemical toxic substances and residual pollution caused by the use of chemical disinfectants in production.

2. 4 factors that need to be controlled for ozone disinfection

1. Flow rate, that is, the amount of ozone and the flow rate of water per unit time;

2. The contact area of ​​ozone and water;

3. The flow rate of water and ozone per unit time;

4. The contact time of ozone and water.

Ozone is used for the disinfection of pure water. It is necessary to make ozone undergo a mass transfer process from gas to liquid phase and a reaction process of liquid ozone contacting microorganisms in the water. These reaction processes are in the contact reaction device of ozone and water. Completed in the ozone mixing tower. The mixing equipment includes air distributing head, water jet, pipeline mixer and so on.

When removing pollutants controlled by the mass transfer rate, devices with high mass transfer efficiency should be selected, such as spiral mixers, worm gear injectors, and water jets. When removing pollutants controlled by the chemical reaction rate, a contact reaction device that can maintain a certain depth of dissolved oxygen for a long time, such as a bubbling contact oxidation tower, should be used, which can adapt to the slow chemical reaction of ozone and pollutants to achieve decomposition and degradation The purpose of the pollutant.

Using ozone has high bactericidal efficacy and widespread bacteria. It is the most effective disinfectant even for resistant microorganisms such as viruses and cysts. The bactericidal ability is not affected by pH changes and ammonia. In the production of pure water technology, ozone sterilization is very beneficial, and the residual amount is generally controlled at 0.05-0.5mg/L. The sterilization and disinfection effect of ozone occurs instantaneously. When the ozone concentration in pure water reaches 0.3-2mg/L, it can kill germs within 0.5-1min. When the turbidity of the water is less than 5mg/L, the ozone is disinfected and sterilized. The impact is minimal.

Application of ozone generator in various industries

1. In the food processing industry: such as production water, production workshops, packaging rooms, changing rooms, sterile rooms, production equipment, tools, etc.

2. In the beverage processing industry: such as purified water, mineral water, production water for various beverages, production workshops, packaging rooms, changing rooms, sterile rooms, production equipment, tools, etc.

3. In the fruit and vegetable processing industry: storage, preservation, processing, production water, production workshops, packaging rooms, changing rooms, sterile rooms, production equipment, tools, etc. for fruits and vegetables.

4. Keep fresh in cold storage: if vegetables, grains, poultry eggs, meat, aquatic products, etc. are preserved and kept fresh, prolonged storage.

5. In the pharmaceutical industry: such as production water, central air-conditioning systems, workshops, changing rooms, sterile rooms, etc.

6. In the pharmaceutical industry: such as pharmaceutical factories, hospital wards, beds, bedding, operating rooms, medical equipment, sterile rooms, etc.

7. In the breeding industry: such as chicken breeding, fish breeding, vegetable greenhouses, etc., sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, air purification, etc.

8. In public places: such as hotels, restaurants, schools, Internet buses, waiting halls, etc. to purify the air and prevent cross-infection.

9. Drinking water such as deep well water, municipal water supply, secondary pressurized water supply, rural drinking water.

10. In reclaimed water, sewage, waste water, waste gas

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