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KCW-WY series high-efficiency ozone generator

We have a complete production process, from the production of the AT electrode of the ozone generating unit, the manufacturing of the ozone generating room, the high-frequency power supply, the manufacturing of the high-voltage transformer, and the installation of the electrical control cabinet are all completed in the factory

Keywords: high-voltage transformer | electrical control cabinet | ozone generator

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    • Commodity name: KCW-WY series high-efficiency ozone generator
    • Commodity ID: 1058015202097586176


    ● KCF-WYA machine is equipped with PSA Jue adsorption oxygen production system (cooling, drying, filtering PSA oxygen production) and cooling water circulation device, and it can work when it is connected to the power supply.

    ● The discharge tube is made of enamel dielectric material, and its resistance to electrical shock and mechanical shock is better than that of glass dielectric and ceramic dielectric.

    ● The ozone discharge chamber adopts an internal and external double water-cooled structure, which is more conducive to reducing the temperature of the discharge chamber, improving the efficiency of ozone generation, and increasing the output of ozone.

    ● It adopts a new type of high-frequency high-power switching circuit and high-frequency inverter power supply, which has low power consumption and is more efficient than traditional power frequency ozone generators.

    ● WYA series ozone generators are equipped with PSA Jue adsorption oxygen generation system, which can meet the requirements of long-term continuous operation.


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