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Ozone generator control cabinet

We have a complete production process, from the production of the AT electrode of the ozone generating unit, the manufacturing of the ozone generating room, the high-frequency power supply, the manufacturing of the high-voltage transformer, and the installation of the electrical control cabinet are all completed in the factory

Keywords: high-voltage transformer | electrical control cabinet | ozone generator

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    • Commodity name: Ozone generator control cabinet
    • Commodity ID: 1058015098468917248

    1. It is assembled with multiple cabinets, and the support structure of the cabinet is formed by 2mm thick high-strength steel plates, which can ensure that the cabinet has good structural strength. There is a sealing strip on the door panel, after the cabinet body is assembled, it can ensure that the cabinet body has a better sealing performance. Better airtightness can isolate the inside and outside of the cabinet, which is an independent working environment inside the cabinet.

    2. The electrical materials are mainly Schneider brand.

    3. The automation mainly adopts the Siemens brand. PLC: SMART200 series, S7-1200 series and S7-1500 series.

    The following functions can be monitored: ozone concentration, inlet temperature, inlet pressure, cooling water flow and temperature, etc.

    The following parameters can be controlled: intake air flow, ozone pressure, ozone concentration, etc.

    4. Install industrial water-cooled air conditioners inside the cabinet to reduce the ambient temperature and humidity in the cabinet, so that the electrical appliances in the cabinet have a better working environment.

    5. The transformer with independent intellectual property rights of Kanger has low energy consumption, high efficiency and small size. The transformer adopts a large cross-section high-frequency soft ferrite core and a copper high-frequency bundled wire, and uses a unique interlaced winding process. When operating under high-frequency conditions, the iron loss and copper loss are small, and the heat generation is extremely low. Only air cooling is sufficient, avoiding the harm caused by water cooling and oil cooling.

    6. The high-frequency and high-voltage power supply cooperated with INVT is air-cooled, compact in size and powerful in function. The main power device of high frequency and high voltage power supply selects the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module with low driving power, strong load capacity, low switching loss and good thermal stability, and is equipped with a suitable buffer circuit, and adopts soft turn-off. The technology effectively reduces the loss of the inverter circuit itself, and improves the stability and reliability of the power supply system. The input part of the high-frequency and high-voltage power supply adopts full-wave rectification, and the AC part is equipped with an EMI filter to effectively suppress the conduction interference between the power grid and the power supply. A power factor correction circuit is added between the high-frequency and high-voltage power supply rectifier circuit and the filter, which can effectively prevent the discontinuity and waveform distortion of the input current, and improve the utilization efficiency and power factor of the power supply. The driving part of the power device is an isolated drive, adopts a dual power supply mode, has strong anti-interference ability, and can provide enough current and voltage amplitude to prevent the IGBT power device from exiting under normal operation and overload conditions Saturated and damaged. The protection part of the power supply is equipped with over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, phase loss, power device overheating and other protection links. Once the above-mentioned abnormality occurs, the protection circuit will cut off the gate control pulse of the IGBT power module in time, and shut down the main circuit. .