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Exhaust Destroyer

We have a complete production process, from the production of the AT electrode of the ozone generating unit, the manufacturing of the ozone generating room, the high-frequency power supply, the manufacturing of the high-voltage transformer, and the installation of the electrical control cabinet are all completed in the factory

Keywords: high-voltage transformer | electrical control cabinet | ozone generator

  • 产品描述
  • Function Description
    • Commodity name: Exhaust Destroyer
    • Commodity ID: 1058015024456228864

    Single unit is suitable for up to 50KG ozone generator. The ozone tail gas destruction device can treat ozone tail gas with a concentration of 40mg/l. The exhaust gas is drawn out by a fan, and forms condensed water after passing through the mist eliminator, which is collected and discharged uniformly in the lower part of the mist eliminator. Then through a pre-heating zone, the temperature is increased by 60~80℃, and then it enters the exhaust gas destruction zone, and the ozone is destroyed by the catalytic destruction method.

    The ozone exhaust gas destruction system can be installed on the top of the contact pool and installed outdoors. Customers can set up a rainproof shed or exhaust destruction room according to the local climate.