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Ozone dosing system

We have a complete production process, from the production of the AT electrode of the ozone generating unit, the manufacturing of the ozone generating room, the high-frequency power supply, the manufacturing of the high-voltage transformer, and the installation of the electrical control cabinet are all completed in the factory

Keywords: high-voltage transformer | electrical control cabinet | ozone generator

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    • Commodity name: Ozone dosing system
    • Commodity ID: 1058014814954938368

    The ozone dosing system consists of multiple valves and flow meters. The valve can be a regulating valve controlled by an analog quantity (high configuration) or a manual valve (standard configuration); the flowmeter can be an analog output (high configuration) or an ordinary flowmeter (standard configuration).

    The ozone dosing system (high configuration) is controlled by PLC. According to the parameter setting, the valve opening is automatically adjusted to distribute the flow.