About Koner

Company Culture

Corporate culture has a strong role in promoting the development of an enterprise. It not only allows the gathering of outstanding people, but also enables the enterprise to emerge with more vitality.

Enterprise Spirit

Professional and enterprising Respect love and sincere

Corporate Objectives

Create a brand and create a world-class product

Innovative Ideas

Continuous innovation practical work-oriented

Corporate Ethics

Accumulate loyalty, keep the heart, Le Jingye, honesty

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Humanistic Concept

People-oriented, heart and virtue first Truth-seeking and pragmatic teamwork

Corporate Style

Economy and efficiency, management and system Work with principles and work with efficiency

Management ldea

Market-oriented, product-oriented Innovation as the driving force, satisfaction as the standard

Marketing Strategy

Profession creates quality Quality Achieves Brand

Corporate Values

Corporate Philosophy

Become a trustworthy and respected company


Company purpose

Serve the society, benefit the people's livelihood


Service purposes

Professional, dedicated, dedicated service


Business purpose

The boutique comes from the ingenuity, the market wins the hearts of the people


Quality purpose

Exquisite quality beyond value